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Our standard barks are produced in strips ranging from 10 to 60 mm
An attractive looking, large sized bark product suitable for areas on display such as paths and borders. 10 - 60 mm strips of conifer bark, mulch and a maximum of 20% whitewood.
£60 per cubic metre bag

Bark is an ideal material to cover large areas of your garden to provide an instant 'finished' look. It is also good for helping to prevent water evaporation in hot months, and soil erosion from rain in wet months.

Our standard bark is stripped from the timber into strips ranging from 10 to 60mm. Finer or larger strips can be produced for bulk orders.

Free delivery on large orders. £25.00 delivery charge for under 4 x 1 cubic metre bag.
Available for collection. Please phone for current stocks.

Discounts available on loose bulk orders. Please phone for details.
Prices include VAT.