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Our compost:
• is weed free.
• is suitable for all plants.
• assists water retention in soil.
• adds structure to sandy soils and helps as a clay breaker in heavy soils.
• contains many nutrients that plants use for growth.
• is made from clean recycled greenwaste that would otherwise go into a landfill.

Simply dig our compost through existing soil to make it easier to work with, instantly improve the soil texture and to add nutrients to improve plant growth.

• General purpose compost
• Mushroom compost
• Organic compost
• Seed compost
• Potting compost
• Screened farmyard manure
All composts are £60
per cubic metre bag

Discounts available on loose bulk orders. Please phone for details.

Free delivery on large orders. £25.00 delivery charge for under 4 x 1 cubic metre bag.
Available for collection. Please phone for current stocks.
Prices include VAT.