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We supply three main types of topsoil for a variety of applications.
Regular grade Quality grade Top dressing
A good screened topsoil recycled from arable soil. Screened to 10mm and free from stones it is ideally used for filling-in jobs or as a base for turf. A blended mixture of screened topsoil and soil conditioner producing a highly-fertile top soil suitable for vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, and in preparation for laying a lawn. A combination of loam, sand and compost mixed into a fine topsoil which is suitable for top dressing a lawn to improve quality and even out any undulations.
£50 per cubic metre bag £60 per cubic metre bag £80 per cubic metre bag

Ensuring you have high quality topsoil is essential as it will provide early establishment and development of turf, seed, trees, shrubs, vegetables and plants.

Free delivery on large orders. £25.00 delivery charge for under 4 x 1 cubic metre bag.
Available for collection. Please phone for current stocks.

Discounts available on loose bulk orders. Please phone for details.
Prices include VAT.