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Our turf is supplied in three grades to cover a range of applications.
Quality grade Sports grade High-coverage grade
A general-purpose hard-wearing turf that is easy to maintain. It has fine blades with a quality appearance. Suitable for general garden applications. A highly durable blend of grasses producing turf with a lush green appearance. Suitable for lawns in family gardens as well as for sports pitches and public gardens. A value-for-money turf which is ideal for large areas. Produces a good-looking lawn which is ideal for areas with little footfall, such as verges and side gardens.
£2.50 per square metre £2.00 per square metre £1.70 per square metre
Free delivery on large orders. £25.00 delivery charge for under 75 square metres.
Available for collection. Please phone for current stocks.
Prices include VAT.
Our guide to laying turf
1. Where is your turf being used?
We can supply you with the best turf for your situation. Contact us for advice on the best turf for your plot. Please phone for current stocks or expected delivery times.
2. Prepare for delivery
Our turf is delivered in top condition and should be laid as soon as possible after delivery - immediately in the warm dry months and within 24 hours at other times of year. You need to ensure that you have 100-150mm of weed- and stone-free topsoil which has been lightly compacted on which to lay your turf.